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Freelance journalists are information professionals. Their task is to write about facts in many different forms: written, oral or visual. Their job is to go out into the field and find the information relevant to your company in order to share it with a readership or target audience. 

He is able to collect facts objectively and record them for articles or audio or video projects. A journalist is also a creative force and can also advise you on who to interview or the relevant topical subjects to highlight.

Who are the Journalist registered on
39 year of average age
5 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Journalist.
Junior €270
Intermediary €371
Confirmed €335

What skills does a Journaliste need to master?

In addition to all the technical background and versatility required by the profession, a good freelance journalist knows how to bring home a good story and to report it. 

He travels armed with his press card and credentials when necessary, to meet the actors or protagonists of his story. He searches his address book, conducts investigations and gathers the information necessary to report the facts. 

He is a keen listener, is good at analysing situations and does not  miss any details. In addition to a broad general education, a freelance journalist has excellent writing and grammatical skills. Responsive and curious, he is able to adapt to external events.

In which project is a Journalist involved?

A freelance journalist's job may be to report the comments of one or more speakers, to describe an event, place, establishment or any other subject requested of him.

He then transcribes his account in writing, in audio or video depending on his skills. He can work for a magazine, newspaper, blog or website. He generally works independently.

How to choose a Journalist?

First of all, you should determine his specialisation: written press, radio, TV; secondly, it is important to establish his preferred field of investigation and his journalistic practices. Sport, culture, cooking and technology: the subject can vary and is chosen according to your editorial choices. You should choose someone who has journalistic experience in your field (investigative journalist, reporter journalist, sports journalist, radio journalist, etc.). 

Depending on your editorial line, you should choose a freelance journalist according to his editorial style and his ability to speak or speak in front of the camera.