Make-up artist

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

The role of a freelance make-up artist is to make your teams up for an appearance (at trade fair, ceremonies, etc.), for an audiovisual production (company interview, advertising, television show, photographs, artistic make-up, etc.) or for a professional event (make-up stand).

Make-up can include beauty enhancement, manicure, contouring, beauty make-up, makeovers, etc.

He may work with other beauty professionals: dressmakers, nail stylists, stylists, hairdressers, beauticians, etc.

Who are the Make-up artist registered on
26 year of average age
5 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Make-up artist.
Junior €223
Intermediary €289
Confirmed €286

What skills does a Maquilleur need to master?

A freelance make-up artist is proficient in professional make-up techniques. He is an expert in make-up materials and accessories (lipstick, blusher, eye shadow, pencil, eye liner, false eyelashes, mascara, make-up, foundation, brushes, etc.). His sense of aesthetics is highly developed.

This freelancer has significant interpersonal skills and has the ability to adapt to your request. He has proven patience and is able to focus on tasks that sometimes take a lot of time. 

His dexterity and precision are essential for this work.

In which project is a Make-up artist involved?

A freelance make-up artist's work is varied:

  • He may help to enhance the appearance of your work teams at conventions, conferences, trade fairs, etc.
  • He may provide aesthetic make-up for modelling, advertising, audiovisual productions, etc.
  • He may have a make-up stand at professional events, company Christmas trees, etc.
  •  In the film and television industry, he may provide make-up according to the types of production (natural or complex effect make-up, special effects make-up, etc.)

How to choose a Make-up artist?

Depending on your requirements, you will need a freelance make-up artist who specialises in aesthetic, professional, natural make-up, children's make-up or even special effects make-up. Your freelancer needs to be able to meet your specific needs. Do you need to make up a single person or a group? How long do you have to get your make-up done? For what type of project? Clearly define your request to find the profile that will perfectly match it.