Marketing consultant

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A freelance marketing consultant assists companies in choosing and implementing their marketing strategy. He is involved from the design of products or services to their marketing.

The duties of a marketing consultant are many and varied:

  • He carries out market research taking into account the competition and consumer habits

  • He suggests appropriate and sustainable long-term strategic guidelines.

  • He analyses your current offering and proposes the development of new products.

  • He draws up the provisional budget relating to the cost of developing a product and submits the new prices for products or service offers.

  • He chooses the product distribution channels.

  • He defines the communications plan designed to reach a maximum number of people determined by market targeting.

  • He quantifies the impact of the product on the target market.

He works with management and is part of your company’s overall strategy.

Who are the Marketing consultant registered on
38 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Marketing consultant.
Junior €293
Intermediary €548
Confirmed €518

What skills does a Consultant en marketing need to master?

A freelance marketing consultant is familiar with many types of marketing methods and concepts. 

He has editorial skills, CRM (customer relationship management) expertise, significant commercial flair, knowledge of E-business, etc.

He has significant leadership and interpersonal skills and a strong team spirit, enabling him to put together a team for your project. 

In the context of digital strategy and web marketing, he is an expert in natural referencing tools (Google Analytics for SEO) and paid referencing tools (Google Adwords for SEA). He often has extensive experience of emailing campaigns.

In which project is a Marketing consultant involved?

A freelance marketing consultant is involved in various sales and marketing campaigns; his projects may be linked to the launch of a new product, customer loyalty programmes, the development of your brand positioning, the deployment of new media (website, print and digital communication campaigns), etc.

How to choose a Marketing consultant?

A freelance marketing strategy consultant is involved in the decision-making process of your company. He needs to be aware of your brand universe, embrace your company ethos and agree with your values. Knowledge of your market and industry is a real plus. 

This freelancer is a project leader, advisor and executive rolled into one so usually works with you over the long term. A good relationship between him and other marketing departments is essential.