Marketing Storyteller

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A freelance marketing storyteller creates and develops a story, a narrative that presents your company to the public in an imaginary and romanticised way. The aim of storytelling is to convey a strong image that carries the values of your company and seeks to engage your audience emotionally. This marketing strategy aims at reaching a target audience, to seduce them, convince them, make them keen and therefore, by extension, get them to purchase your products/services.

A freelance storyteller uses marketing and communication solutions to develop your company's story vis-a-vis your audience. This chosen communication may be based on real or invented facts, and should communicate the positive values of your brand.

A freelance storyteller supports your brand image, its marketing actions are part of a strategy of brand content (content marketing) which seeks to improve your customer relationships. He works on various types of print and digital media and strives to remain consistent with the image he wishes to convey.

Who are the Marketing Storyteller registered on
35 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Marketing Storyteller.
Junior €274
Intermediary €562
Confirmed €454

What skills does a Marketing storyteller need to master?

A freelance marketing storyteller has both marketing skills and a strong creative streak. This dual skill ensures that he creates emotionally captivating stories that build customer loyalty and thus increase their desire to consume your products/services.

This professional is independent in his project management. He is meticulous and organised in order to come up with media that are consistent with each other, even from a multi-media perspective (web strategy, social networks, television, radio, billboard advertising, etc.).

He is very adaptable to your storytelling requirements, is able to discern the story that is right for you and that will speak for you. Very inventive and curious, his broad general education helps him understand your brand universe.

In which project is a Marketing Storyteller involved?

A marketing storyteller works on your marketing strategy with the aim of retaining your current customer base and targeting and recruiting new prospects. 

He may be asked to consolidate your brand image, when launching a new product, to support your digital strategy, to limit damage in times of crisis, or to improve your customer relationships, etc.

How to choose a Marketing Storyteller?

Freelance storytellers may specialise in the distribution of specific media. Some profiles are more digital oriented (community manager, videographer, etc.), or print (print writer, 2D graphic designer, etc.). You should look for the profile of someone who is familiar with the tools you wish to deploy, with a general or more specialised profile.

The previous work of the freelancer that interests you can be viewed on our platform to help you determine the right profile for you.