Mobile developer

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A mobile developer is responsible for developing mobile applications and websites adapted to smartphones and tablets. 

The role of a freelance mobile developer is to produce applications and websites adapted to mobile and tablet media (responsive design) based on precise technical documentation. To develop an application, he uses one or more computer languages to build the structure, ergonomics and design of the user interface. A mobile developer is responsible for producing the source code that runs your application or website. 

A freelance mobile developer continuously monitors the development of mobile applications as well as the behaviour of users on the mobile web. Together with the digital project manager and the web developer, he mobilises skills and know-how along the application production chain (full stack development).

Who are the Mobile developer registered on
33 year of average age
5 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Mobile developer.
Junior €337
Intermediary €451
Confirmed €362

What skills does a Développeur mobile need to master?

Project management by a mobile freelance developer includes the creation of coding which allows the mobile content to operate. He knows one or more internet languages (CSS, W3C, HTML5) that allow the development of the native application according to the environment: Android, IOS or Windows. He is proficient in development software such as Symfony or Java. 

A mobile developer has solid knowledge of Web Design. He must combine aesthetics (UI design) with practicality (UX design) to make user transition to the mobile interface optimal.

In which project is a Mobile developer involved?

The involvement of a freelance mobile developer is particularly relevant as it increases your web visibility. Responsive support gives credibility to your content and provides your users with a unique and memorable experience. 

He enables you to develop the mobile and tablet version of your existing website, design a new web interface or take charge of the creation and maintenance of a mobile application. He complements the work of the web developer or is sometimes able to wear both hats simultaneously.

How to choose a Mobile developer?

Choosing the right freelance mobile developer is essential because he is the cornerstone of your digital visibility within your community. He must understand your needs and incorporate your requests. In addition to good interpersonal skills, he must demonstrate an excellent sense of teamwork. He is required to work with other employees (digital project managers, web developers, programmers, UI/UX designers, etc.). 

A freelance mobile developer is responsible for developing the mobile app, as well as carrying out the various tests, maintenance and updates. He is therefore a trusted partner who will be working with you over the long term.