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The activity of the freelance model consists in using her/his image, acting skills and physique to promote a product/service. A true artist, the freelance model enhances products by wearing them or using them, talking about them (with reference to a service) during your marketing and communication campaigns. He/she embodies the values of a brand and helps to create a desire to buy and belong to the universe created around the brand.

A freelance model can be the muse of a company. He/she then represents the spirit of the brand including beyond the communication media on which the assignment is carried out.

Specialist clothing/jewellery models can be recruited for fashion photo shoots, catwalk shows, posing in haute couture fashion garments, etc. The recruitment criteria may be physical (the look, smile, charm, posture, measurements, style, atypical physique) or depend on the personality of the freelance model who reflects the brand and represents it.

Who are the Model registered on
22 year of average age
5 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Model.
Junior €233
Intermediary €373
Confirmed €277

What skills does a Modèle need to master?

The freelance model knows and has perfect control over his/her body. He/she know how to pose in the best possible way and adopt the attitude and position that will enhance your products/services. He/she is an expert on trends and fashion who adopts the latest modelling style. 

His/her artistic acumen, thoroughness and perseverance make him/her a consummate professional while he/she carries out assignments. He/she is at ease in front of a camera or in an audience during performances (shoots, advertising campaign, fashion shows, etc.).

In which project is a Model involved?

Whether for promoting a product/service, showcasing a new fashion collection, putting on a catwalk show with top models, acting as a muse to represent your brand, being a photo or video model for audiovisual productions, the freelance model helps build your brand image and enhances your products/services.

How to choose a Model?

You can select your freelance model based on the personality and physical criteria of the profiles you are interested in. Feel free to talk to your freelance about the specifics of the mission, to ensure the feasibility of the project.

Models can specialise in modelling a part of the body. Make sure your model offers what you are looking for. A male model or female model? Depending on your products and your needs, you can choose the profile that corresponds to your project thanks to our freelance profile pages.