Network and System administrator

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

The freelance systems and network administrator designs, installs and configures your company's computer network. He/she also selects and manages your information system, a set of management tools that encompass, store and distribute your company’s IT data.

He/she ensures the proper functioning of the network infrastructures and that all users have quick access to their information system.

He/she is responsible for authorisations and restrictions on the connections of the various users. He/she deploys information system security procedures and for rules the backup of data on the network. He/she quickly carries out the necessary repairs in the event of a malfunction. He/she can work remotely on your network or system using tools such as Telnet or virtual machines. He/she monitors network performance and, if necessary, defines the upgrades to be implemented.

Who are the Network and System administrator registered on
41 year of average age
9 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Network and System administrator.
Junior €381
Intermediary €507
Confirmed €397

What skills does a Administrateur des systèmes et réseaux need to master?

The freelance systems and network administrator must be multi-skilled. He/she is methodical and rigorous, autonomous in performance of his/her tasks and resilient to stress thanks to his/her adaptability. His/her analytical skills allow him/her to find the solutions best suited to your company. He/she constantly monitors technological developments.

He/she has technical skills and cutting-edge knowledge of network management (IP addressing, network architecture, scripts, routing protocols) and operating system tools (Apache, Ubuntu). He/she has total control of safety standards and constraints. He/she reacts rapidly to any failures that may occur.

His/her teaching and communication skills enable him/her to effectively train your staff on your networks and systems.

In which project is a Network and System administrator involved?

Are you confronted by new IT network needs? Your system administrator is involved in creating or updating your Internet networks. He/she optimizes your existing resources or develops the most appropriate solution for you.

He/she deploys and optimizes the information systems best adapted to your working environment and the needs of your staff. He/she may also intervene in security audits.

How to choose a Network and System administrator?

Depending on the size of your company, the functions of the systems and freelance network administrator vary. For a small organization, a multi-skilled profile able to perform a range of tasks is recommended; he/she will handle user support in addition to the configuration and installation of your systems and networks. Conversely, for a large entity he/she must be familiar with deploying networks and systems on a large scale and capable of carrying out a highly specific task. 

It is important to define with him/her beforehand your needs and his/her area of intervention, i.e. whether he/she must create the network and/or the information systems or optimize a system already in place.