Opinion influencer/Blogger

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

With the development of social networks and internet blogs, Influencers have become the levers of digital communication, a must for increasing the awareness and the visibility of your brand!

Freelance Influencers are true leaders of opinion, with the ability to influence trends and consumer choice by giving you, through articles, blogs and on social networks (Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,…) a glimpse of their daily life, and sharing their experiences and opinions on products. Their fame in a given universe bestows on them a certain credibility with their fans and followers who identify with them and follow their advice by purchasing the same products.

Influencers are bloggers and media celebrities to their millions of subscribers and become true ambassadors of the major brands with which they develop partnerships. They receive revenues through the placement of products which they promote via articles or sponsored videos. Thus we speak of influencing strategy, influencing campaigns or influence marketing.

Who are the Opinion influencer/Blogger registered on Freelance.com?
29 year of average age
5 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Opinion influencer/Blogger.
Intermediary €341
Confirmed €258

What skills does a Influenceur - Bloggeur need to master?

The work of an Influencer is similar to that of a Community Manager. He must create a consistent and insightful digital strategy and publish regular posts, videos and blog articles likely to influence the maximum target audience.

An Influencer seduces his public by virtue of his expertise in a particular field (fashion, beauty, cuisine, interior design, high tech…). He knows how to stand out and use good hashtags to increase the number of subscribers. He retains the confidence that he has built up with his audience and knows how to make them react.

Finally, an Influencer knows how to maintain a coherent dialogue with the various marketing strategies of his brands partners.

In which project is a Opinion influencer/Blogger involved?

A freelance Influencer will have a role in the launch of the one of your new products. You can ask him to try it out and then introduce it to his followers, and even seek his advice and participation throughout your marketing campaigns.

How to choose a Opinion influencer/Blogger?

Because your Influencer will represent your brand, you must take time and choose the right one.

Macro-influencers have a bigger audience. Their notoriety is higher, it gives them a strong diffusion power. Micro-influencers have a smaller public audience, it give them a higher proximity with the community. They have a trust-based relationship with their fan.

His profile and level of fame must be relevant to the products that you are offering, your referral requirement and to your target audience. Last of all, his soft skills (or life-skills) must be a reflection of your brand and be in line with the values that you wish to convey.