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The role of the freelance events organiser is to organise the various activities and presentations given by your company at trade fairs, conventions and forums for the general public, or for internal and external professional events.

This fun events professional sets the pace for the event for which he is responsible, and defines the events you wish to be designed. His goal? To create links and interactions between the company and the public. The underlying goal is to deliver key messages, improve your relationship with your customers or gain new prospects.

A freelance events organiser prepares your event (evening entertainment, aperitifs and cocktails, receptions, musical entertainment, karaoke, dance evenings, etc.). He provides you with a turnkey solution to make your events unforgettable for their festive and professional look.

Who are the Organiser registered on
32 year of average age
8 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Organiser.
Junior €243
Intermediary €400
Confirmed €418

What skills does a Organisateur événementiel need to master?

A freelance event organiser specialises in logistics, event preparation and management. He must be dynamic and creative and offer enriching and stimulating experiences.

Good interpersonal skills enable an events organiser to interact positively with members of the public. His appearance and good presentation also contribute to the success of his services. He adapts to the audience at the event, knows how to identify your company’s expectations and translate them into words and actions.

In which project is a Organiser involved?

An events coordinator may be involved in multiple events: gala evenings, corporate birthdays or special evenings, inauguration or product launch evenings, team building initiatives, etc.

In general he doesn't work alone. He is supported by an entertainment team: professional DJ, host, musicians, hostesses, director, caterers, etc.

How to choose a Organiser?

The soft skills (life-skills) of your freelance events organiser are of fundamental importance. You should choose a freelancer who will capture the attention of your audience and bring your events project to life. Organisers may specialise in B2B or B2C, so you need to select the profile of someone who is expert in the type of event you want to set up. The references available on the platform will help you make your choice.