Packaging Project Manager

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A freelance packaging manager is the supervisor of your packaging projects. He manages all employees involved in the project and conducts discussions around product packaging. He manages each stage, from the customer request to the design and final delivery of the packaging.

He works on the ergonomics, product graphics or product packaging methods. He records all of these specifications in a detailed specifications sheet. He will pay attention to the quality and safety criteria determined by the marketing department. He produces various prototypes with the graphic designers before developing a final packaging design. Throughout the project, he oversees compliance with deadlines, budget, customer expectations and technical constraints.

A freelance packaging manager works with numerous teams: production (for feasibility, design, labelling, packaging, etc.), marketing (compliance with the graphic charter), research and development managers, etc. He draws on their expertise to design packaging that will be functional, compliant with standards and helps to improve your brand image.

Who are the Packaging Project Manager registered on
30 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Packaging Project Manager.
Junior €162
Intermediary €408
Confirmed €454

What skills does a Chargé de Projet Packaging need to master?

Creativity is at the heart of the work of a freelance packaging project manager. He uses his analytical and design skills to find THE solution that will meet your project’s expectations. A true expert in project management, his exacting standards and good organisation enable him to successfully complete your packaging. 

Good interpersonal skills are essential. A freelance packaging project manager works with all types of employees inside and outside your company. He has significant leadership skills and is capable of effectively leading a team for packaging projects.

In which project is a Packaging Project Manager involved?

A freelance packaging project manager works during product development to prepare the packaging. He may be involved in creating or redesigning the packaging of an existing product. In a marketing project, a freelance packaging project manager is integrated into your design office composed of various types of employees (Production Manager, Technical Project Manager, Communications Project Manager, Marketing Project Manager).

How to choose a Packaging Project Manager?

The freelancer you select must have expertise in the type of packaging you need. You can look up his previous work on our platform to get an idea of his graphic and technical universe. 

He must be comfortable and fit in naturally with your teams. During your selection, you can check whether your freelance packaging project manager shares the same vision of the project as your employees.