UX Designer, Full-stack developer

The goal of the freelance Perspectivist is to create a 3D image of the plans of an architectural or urban planning project. Most of the time he works for architects or developers to give a realistic representation of their projects.

During his mission, the freelance Perspectivist begins by designing a 3D digital representation of the plans provided by the architect or urban planner. Then he textures this visual and stages it in order to represent the project as realistically as possible in its final environment (volumes, materials, lights...).

The Perspectivist mixes digital and traditional techniques to bring a real estate or urban planning project to life.

Who are the Perspectivist registered on
32 year of average age
5 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Perspectivist.
Junior €259
Intermediary €310
Confirmed €289

What skills does a Perspectiviste need to master?

The Perspectivist is a specialized computer graphics designer, so he must master 2D and 3D digital creation software. As a true artist, he has a strong sense of aesthetics. In order to make his project as realistic as possible, he constantly monitors the materials and techniques used by architects.

In order to fully understand the idea that the architect with whom he collaborates wants to put forward, it is essential that he has an excellent sense of listening and that he works easily in a team.

In which project is a Perspectivist involved?

The freelance Perspectivist works on all architectural projects. He may also represent interiors, especially when working with an interior architect. It can also be integrated into larger projects such as a more global urban planning project.

How to choose a Perspectivist?

In order to appreciate the skills of your future freelance Perspectivist, you can consult his previous creations, available on his Coworkees profile. His technical and artistic skills must enable him to meet the specifications provided by the architect or urban planner. Do not hesitate to discuss the deadline of your project in order to ensure that the freelance Perspectivist you choose can deliver your project on time.