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A Photographer has a creative soul and takes shots in a variety of fields to offer his customers high-quality photos.

A Photographer is an artist whose daily life is punctuated by photos and prints. A Photographer's main tasks are to organise photo shoots, take photos and touch them up. He can take pictures outside, in a photo studio or in private homes. 

A photographer sells his photographs by canvassing customers interested in his expertise. He can specialise in one or more areas: portraits, products, fashion, landscapes, etc. With his Reflex, Nikon, Canon or others camera, he captures moments with high-definition shots for his customers. He can work for all types of customers and business sectors, for example managing projects for press agencies, retailers and e-commerce manufacturers, magazines or communications agencies. 

As an independent worker – in general – a Photographer takes photos on his own, but can be assisted by a photo assistant and a photo stylist. A make-up artist and hairdresser are sometimes present during photo shoots and advertising campaigns involving models. To develop his films, a Photographer may need to work with a photo laboratory.

Who are the Photographer registered on
36 year of average age
7 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Photographer.
Junior €270
Intermediary €389
Confirmed €432

What skills does a Photographe need to master?

Creative and with a great imagination, a Photographer knows how to showcase objects, people and landscapes. The choice of equipment, settings in terms of framing and natural light, shooting, nothing is left to chance. His patience allows him to capture the best moments and obtain quality photos. Excellent interpersonal skills are essential to put his models at ease.

A freelance Corporate Photographer is perfectly familiar with the techniques required to use a camera. He knows how to adjust the power of the flash and the focus and control the shutter speed according to the shooting conditions. Thanks to his mastery of computer tools, a Photographer can make touch up and modify photos. Finally, it is important for him to know how to market his work and approach potential customers.

In which project is a Photographer involved?

A Photographer is involved in numerous projects such as photo shoots for advertising campaigns, events reporting, corporate portraits and product photographs (technical, real estate, food, etc.). His expertise is also required in the field of graphic design (catalogues, brochures, posters, etc.).

How to choose a Photographer?

To find a Photographer best suited to the style of your project, it is important to browse his photo book. An online portfolio gives you the opportunity to browse galleries displaying all of his photos. As a Photographer’s personality is essential, talking to him will establish whether you feel perfectly comfortable.