Plastic artist

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A freelance visual artist creates and designs a work of art using forms described as plastic, i.e. mouldable (sculpture, painting, drawing, engraving, silkscreen printing, photography).

Artistic creations can be very varied in nature, depending on the materials used, the aim of the project, the budget allocated, etc. The freelance visual artist designs artworks according to the specifics of your project. He/she gathers information about your needs, carries out artistic and documentary research, identifies the technical constraints through discussions with you, prepares sketches and then, after validation, creates the artwork commissioned.

The visual artist can work from home or in a studio or even at the premises where he/she designs the visual artwork depending on its shape and size, the transport logistics, etc.

Who are the Plastic artist registered on
32 year of average age
5 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Plastic artist.
Junior €248
Intermediary €346
Confirmed €307

What skills does a Artiste plasticien need to master?

The freelance visual artist must be highly creative with a true desire to create works of art - and with his/her own distinctive personality.

He/she must master the various artistic movements, be naturally curious and actively keep abreast of developments in the art world.

His/her artistic ability is the result of extensive personal and/or academic experience at prestigious art schools (fine arts, national art institutions, etc.).

In which project is a Plastic artist involved?

The freelance visual artist can be involved in creating a work of art for your company, that will be used to decorate a workplace, for an inauguration or to enhance the attractiveness of an exhibition stand. An artwork can also be used to enhance your showrooms and company showcases through use of a distinctive artistic theme. In marketing, he/she can create works of art that will enhance the appearance of your products and services. A professional artist can create bespoke artworks that convey your company's values.

He/she can work on a range of artworks: Watercolours, modelling, collage, ceramics, frescoes, sculpture… all set in multiple universes (pop art, abstract art, surrealism, etc.)!

How to choose a Plastic artist?

Freelance visual artists generally specialise in the use of a given medium, a type of artwork, recurring themes, etc. Find the profile that corresponds to your project. Feel free to talk to potential candidates upstream of the project, to confirm all the particular aspects and your expectations.