Press relations manager

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A freelance press relations officer acts as your company's spokesperson for the media.

He holds a strategic position to communicate in a privileged manner with the media and the press. He is required to organise press events, create press packs for the launch or development of a product/service.

He relies on solid journalistic knowledge to obtain the best media coverage. With good interpersonal skills and an excellent address book of contacts, he is your company's representative for dealing with the media.

A freelance public relations manager is in constant contact with press officers, journalists (written and digital press) and bloggers/influencers (E-reputation of your company).

Who are the Press relations manager registered on
39 year of average age
10 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Press relations manager.
Junior €259
Intermediary €469
Confirmed €423

What skills does a Chargé de relations presse need to master?

A freelance press relations officer must possess strong interpersonal skills in order to become a trusted partner for press contacts. Specialising in communication techniques, he uses his general education and editorial skills to produce the relevant press packs. He must be versatile in both his written and oral expression.

Media monitoring is essential to maintain consistency in the dialogue around social and public relations. Aware of lobbying, he uses diplomacy to inform while developing his relationship with the media.

A freelance press relations officer is required to make recommendations regarding the management of your media relations, your sponsorships/patronage and partnerships. In the event of crisis management, he must be responsive and at ease working in a team so that he can work with your various employees.

In which project is a Press relations manager involved?

A freelance press relations officer may be involved in drawing up a communications plan to promote a product/service (operational marketing, event communication, etc.). He may also manage your press guests who attend your events. If you organise an open-door day, he will be in charge of journalists/bloggers for the duration of the event. 

His incorporation in a communication team is important, in order to define common targets and objectives for high-impact media communication.

How to choose a Press relations manager?

A press relations officer represents your company in its dealings with the media. He must incorporate your company's values and beliefs and convey the image that you wish to convey. A good knowledge of your industry will help him to communicate more effectively in terms of your business offering and news.

A trusted partner, he supports and advises you in implementing a good media strategy. A public relations officer works in collaboration with the communications department. Your communications manager should be involved in the recruitment of the right candidate.