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A freelance producer is responsible for audio-visual productions. He ensures that each team correctly performs the defined tasks. He is present before, during and after filming. Depending on the scope of the project, he may work with an assistant producer.

Prior to filming, a freelance producer defines the script as well as the sequences and filming required. He identifies where filming will take place. He can also be involved in the casting of actors and technicians.

During filming, he turns into the conductor of an orchestra. He supervises the filming team (director, sound engineer, chief operator, cameraman, film editor, etc.), and directs the actors. He is also involved in positioning the cameras and getting the lighting right. He ensures that the set deadlines are met.

After filming, he gives his opinion on the editing, special effects, colour calibration and audio mixing. He also has a part in promoting the film.

Who are the Producer registered on
34 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Producer.
Junior €340
Intermediary €409
Confirmed €418

What skills does a Réalisateur need to master?

A freelance producer has many qualities. He must be motivated and tenacious because making a film/advertisement is a long and slow process.

He must also be creative and imaginative in order to react to the various problems that may arise during filming. His artistic sense does not prevent him from having exacting standards. In fact, he ensures the consistency of the film and pays particular attention to all the scenes and footage that make up your film.

He is responsible for overseeing filming and team cohesion. He ensures the smooth running and coordination of all operations during the project while respecting time and money constraints.

In which project is a Producer involved?

You can contact a freelance producer to create a commercial ad, a product presentation video, a corporate video, a web-tv show, a cinematographic production (short film, long film) etc.

How to choose a Producer?

Freelance producers are generally specialised in a certain type of production (films, corporate videos, etc.). Contact a producer who has the experience and skills that meet your needs. You can check your freelancer’s previous achievements by looking at his portfolio.

The human factor must also be taken into account. Your project is important to you, and you must entrust it to a freelance producer in whom you have confidence, who will be able to pin point your expectations. Discuss your needs and any specifics related to your project. A frank discussion is the best way to obtain a production that is true to your idea.