Project manager

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A key player in the success of a company, the freelance project manager (or PM) manages all stages of a project. He/she assigns and coordinates the tasks of the team responsible for successfully completing a professional project.

The objective of the project manager is the successful completion of one or more projects within the deadline set. He/she acts as a true orchestra conductor for the project team and the various service providers. The goal is to deliver a project in compliance with the technical specifications and the defined budget.

Versatile and rigorous, the PM draws up precise schedules after analyzing the customer's needs and then manages the various participants.

He/she prepares specifications detailing the stages and particular features of the project. He/she sets up a regular reporting system using predefined tools to monitor progress on the process. Finally, he/she ensures that the outcome meets all initial expectations within the deadlines set.

Who are the Project manager registered on
33 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Project manager.
Confirmed 568 €

What skills does a Chef de projets need to master?

A technical understanding of the customer’s business and total familiarity with specific project management tools are essential for total fulfilment of your needs.

A freelance PM knows how to allocate resources efficiently at all stages of a project, while managing the work carried out by the teams. 

He/she needs strong interpersonal skills to ensure effective communication between the various participants.

Technological monitoring is intrinsic to the mission with deployment of the right software packages during project implementation.

In which project is a Project manager involved?

You have a project, there is certainly a freelance PM who can help you to achieve a successful outcome. Creating or reworking a website; organizing an event (trade fair, team-building exercise, etc.); the creation and launch of an advertising campaign; organizing the involvement of a freelance graphic designer or photographer.

These are (non-exhaustive) examples of the many scenarios your Project Manager can successfully manage on your behalf.

How to choose a Project manager?

When making your choice, opt for the PM best suited to your needs - a specialist in the field of digital, events, marketing or multimedia etc. 

Adopt a rigorous approach when searching for your freelance PM. Remember, he/she will be the lead service provider in implementation of your project. His/her expertise must therefore be suited to your needs.

A few questions to ask yourself: Does he/she have the necessary knowledge to manage the project and its technical specifications? Does he/she have the qualities essential for a successful outcome (great organizing skills, ability to listen, rigour, leadership qualities, clarity of expression and trustworthiness)? Can he/she demonstrate the required drive and versatility?

You will truly come to rely on your freelance project manager and his/her interpersonal skills are the guarantor of your success.