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The freelance receptionist creates the first impression of your company's business. He/she is often the first point of contact for your visitors, both within your company and on your stand during events.

Usually a freelance receptionist is positioned on the front desk or at an information point. He/she answers the various questions posed by visitors and directs people to the right departments and/or people, acting as an advisor.

The position of receptionist is essential to communication and conveying the company’s brand image and in promoting excellent customer relations.

Who are the Receptionist registered on
22 year of average age
5 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Receptionist.
Junior €202
Intermediary €239
Confirmed €233

What skills does a Hôtesse need to master?

In direct contact with the people present on your stand or at the reception desk of your company, the freelance receptionist must display excellent interpersonal relationship skills. He/she must be friendly, courteous with a good standard of general knowledge - all essential attributes for welcoming a range of visitors and adapting to different sectors of activity.

A freelance receptionist must be versatile and capable of quickly fitting in when carrying out ad hoc missions with a good standard of elocution. He/she must have a good general presentation in terms of both dress and demeanour. Knowledge of different foreign languages (bilingual, trilingual) is a much-appreciated skill for supporting you during all your events.

In which project is a Receptionist involved?

A freelance receptionist may be involved in numerous projects: trade fairs (Vivatech, e-marketing, event for professionals, etc.), one-off events such as the Cannes Festival, or in-house reception.

How to choose a Receptionist?

When choosing a freelance receptionist, you must clearly define your needs in order to identify the person best suited to your expectations.

Consult the applicant’s profile and range of previous experience. If you are organising an event for people from several countries, make sure that the freelance receptionist speaks one or more foreign languages.