UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A freelance stage designer (or set designer) creates sets for an advertisement, an audio-visual production, a film, a stand or any other type of staging. He is both a technician and a creative person.

Based on your brief, he analyses the elements to be staged in terms of decoration (historical period, architecture, trends in interior decoration at the time, etc.). He decides on the locations, accessories to be used and the atmosphere to be reflected in the decor.

With an allocated budget and technical constraints related to staging, he then builds the decoration specifications using sketches and then, after approval, starts on the creation of mock-ups. During the creation of the decorations, he coordinates and supervises the execution of the works by the workers and craftsmen.

Who are the Scenographer registered on
33 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Scenographer.
Junior €234
Intermediary €350
Confirmed €393

What skills does a Scénographe need to master?

A freelance stage designer's profession requires a great deal of knowledge of the arts and constant monitoring of the latest trends related to his work. 

His aesthetic sense and artistic education combined with his inventiveness allow him to come up with the right ideas for creating relevant sets. A freelance stage designer is very flexible according to your needs.

To create the decorations, comply with deadlines and not omit the slightest detail, he must work to exacting standards and have good organisational skills. 

Thanks to his good interpersonal skills, he manages to find the partners necessary to deliver the best service, to effectively manage the site workers and to have a good relationship with other professionals in the image professions (directors, choreographers, costume designers, stage directors, accessories maker, etc.)

In which project is a Scenographer involved?

A freelance stage designer may work on an advertising project, for short or long films, in stage production, in space design for an event, to decorate a television set, etc.

How to choose a Scenographer?

Freelance stage designers may specialise in creating different types of sets. Make sure that the profile of the person you are interested has the necessary knowledge and skills for your project. You can view the previous work of the freelancers you are interested in on our platform, on their profile page.

Depending on the size of your project, go for a profile with the right level of experience. You will need to discuss the feasibility of the project and the resources it requires with him.