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A freelance scriptwriter comes up with the story, develops the characters and writes the dialogues for an audio-visual work. He can work on creating an advertisement, corporate videos, a video game, reports, documentaries, etc.

A freelance scriptwriter is responsible for devising a message and transmitting emotions through the creation of intrigue, characters, dialogues and places. He gathers documentation on his subject, defines the various sequences by means of a synopsis (summary and schematic version) and then writes the final script.

He works closely with the producer, the director, the project manager and the technical execution team to build the audio-visual project.

Who are the Scriptwritter registered on
32 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Scriptwritter.
Junior €241
Intermediary €391
Confirmed €337

What skills does a Scénariste need to master?

A freelance scriptwriter must be creative and use his imagination to find the idea that best suits your project. He is a true enthusiast who is highly observant, has a keen interest in storytelling and a taste for detail. His writing skills must be excellent.

His job requires a high degree of organisation and diligence. A scriptwriter must keep the project in mind and develop the initial concept while providing his creative flair.

In which project is a Scriptwritter involved?

All visual productions requiring a narrative can rely on the expertise of a freelance scriptwriter. In particular, he may be involved in writing the script for an advertisement, a corporate video, reports, clips, a short or long film, etc.

He can also be integrated into the launch of a video game, to write the story, intrigues, cinematics and storytelling at the various levels.

How to choose a Scriptwritter?

Scriptwriters conceive various types of scripts. To select the profile that best matches your project, look at his previous achievements on our platform. Check that his universe is consistent with your needs.

To find the freelance scriptwriter best suited to successfully carry out your project, they need to understand the values and image that you wish to convey through your visual production.