Scrum master

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

The role of a freelance scrum master is to improve the performance of a work team on a defined project and to boost the motivation of the participants.

The scrum methodology is one of the agile methodologies aimed for improved project management by proposing:

  • Clearly defined the roles for the participants

  • Programmed iteration (repetition) of actions related to the work project for effective monitoring of operations (planning meetings, reflection process, retrospectives, etc.)

  • Artefacts/product backlogs: list of functions or tasks deemed necessary and sufficient for satisfactory completion of the project

  • Common rules (compliance with deadlines, dashboards, Kanban method, striving for continuous improvement)

The scrum methodological framework offers an empirical (experience-based), dynamic and participatory approach to project management.

The freelance scrum master works on the project form both a theoretical and practical standpoint. He/she supervises the work group and also acts as coach. 

He/she ensures the clarity and transparency of information so that all employees have the same level of knowledge on the project.

Who are the Scrum master registered on
38 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Scrum master.
Junior €519
Intermediary €626
Confirmed €631

What skills does a Scrum master need to master?

The freelance scrum master obviously must have full control of scrum methodology and know how to deploy it effectively vis-a-vis your employees. He/she requires excellent technical knowledge of project management. 

His/her energy and speed set the work pace and create a federating approach to projects among your employees. Thanks to his/her keen sense of communication and interpersonal skills he/she can make a significant contribution to your company. He/she must be a good teacher with the ability to remain calm in all circumstances.

His/her constant monitoring of project management techniques means he/she can respond to market trends and offer the best advice to your teams.

In which project is a Scrum master involved?

The scrum master is the facilitator for your strategic, commercial and creative meetings, etc. He/she supports you in developing your sales strategy, uniting your work teams around various projects with the aim of increasing your turnover, improving your customer relations, supporting change management, opening up to new markets or monitoring changes in your sector of activity.

How to choose a Scrum master?

Each freelance scrum master adopts a unique approach. Depending on the skills and personal experience of your specialist, he/she may adopt different approaches to project management. Do not hesitate to discuss the project in advance to check that the techniques used by your freelance are well-matched to the profile of your work teams. He/she must be comfortable with the size of your business for effective deployment of his/her methods. He/she will work differently in a small company compared with a large one.