SEO/SEA consultant

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A freelance SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consultant handles natural referencing with a view to improving your ranking and increasing the visibility of your web content. Not to be confused with an SEA (Search Engine Advertising) consultant who manages the listing of your website (sponsored links) for payment. A freelance SEO consultant helps you position yourself in the initial results of search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo and notably through the insertion of HTML tags.

Have you heard the following joke:

“Do you know where to hide a corpse? On the second page of a Google search!”?

Translation: if you are not on the first page found by the search engines you are invisible. So it really is in your best interest to work on your referencing.

Who are the SEO/SEA consultant registered on
32 year of average age
5 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance SEO/SEA consultant.
Junior €264
Intermediary €395
Confirmed €399

What skills does a Consultant SEO/SEA need to master?

A major player in a digital marketing strategy, an SEO consultant must be analytical and rigorous but also needs great web editorial skills. A freelance SEO consultant analyses the various levers for optimizing your SEO strategy (technical optimisation). He/she also helps you to enhance your lexical field with relevant keywords to optimize your semantics by conducting an initial semantic analysis. A freelance SEO consultant must also be alert to changes in Google’s algorithms. Analyzing blocking factors which can lead to penalties being imposed by the Google algorithm (Google Penguin) avoids many errors.

Your SEO consultant can carry out a referencing audit of your website, write web content for your marketing content strategy, all part of so-called Inbound marketing. He/she also supports you with the insertion of backlinks (external links pointing to a website or a web page), a netlinking audit (analysis of links pointing to your site) and many others, always with the aim of improving your local referencing as well as your acquisition strategy.

For website optimization, Google Analytics and Google Adwords are tools frequently used to fine-tune your strategy on visibility, targeting and conversion rate, all with the aim of building up a strong E-reputation.

In which project is a SEO/SEA consultant involved?

An SEO participates from the startup of your business or may be called in subsequently, for example to rework your website. Would you like more traffic on your website as well as a higher click rate? Do you plan to rebuild your website structure for an enhanced user experience and so rework your semantics? Then call on a freelance SEO consultant !

How to choose a SEO/SEA consultant?

Penguin, long tail, indexing, black hat, internal meshing, are you still with me? Don’t panic, these technicalities are core areas for a freelance SEO consultant. In a highly competitive environment, your SEO consultant will help you position yourself so you gain traffic and enhance your visibility. To find the best consultant for your webmarketing strategy, do not hesitate to engage with several profiles on our platform and outline your needs. Then you can decide who is best suited to your own particular SEO project.