Social media manager

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

Digital communication holds no mystery for a Social Media Manager, a true driver of your communication strategy. Spotlight on a job focused on social media!

A Social Media Manager uses social levers to improve the brand image of a company, either alone or in collaboration with a team (community manager, traffic manager, etc.).

A Social Media Manager measures the digital audience of the company and its e-reputation according to targets before defining an editorial line. He also plans the production of content to develop the networks. By using monitoring tools, he observes web trends in order to optimise a brand's e-reputation. He analyses audience and traffic statistics to measure campaign performance. A Social Media Manager thus seeks to bring together a community in order to gain more followers and improve brand awareness. He also manages crisis communication on social networks in the event of bad buzz.

Who are the Social media manager registered on
32 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Social media manager.
Junior €230
Intermediary €372
Confirmed €359

What skills does a Social media manager need to master?

A Social Media Manager has in-depth knowledge of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) and all media channels. Webmarketing, brand content, data and affiliation hold no mystery for this marketer. Empathy, creativity and organisation enable a Social Media Manager to ensure effective digital communication. He is fluent in English, particularly in the context of an international assignment.

Technical skills enable him to master specific web tools such as Brandcare, Digimind, TrendyBuzz and ReflexeMedia. He must also be numbers-oriented to be able to define and follow the right KPIs. Lastly, his editorial capabilities ensure high-quality content on social media.

In which project is a Social media manager involved?

A Social Media Manager is involved in the launch of a brand to promote it and raise awareness of it. He also optimises the visibility of the brand throughout its development by designing a social media plan, ensuring the loyalty of opinion leaders and managing the development of communities on the internet.

How to choose a Social media manager?

The recruitment of a Social Media Manager is essentially based on his experience as a brand awareness manager. Take a look at the actions he has already carried out: the strategy implemented on the networks, the aim of this strategy, the actions carried out to achieve the objectives, etc.

Excellent interpersonal skills, being curious, understanding an audience’s behavioural psychology audience are the qualities required for this profession.