Sound designer

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A freelance sound designer creates music, ambiances and soundscapes for a variety of projects: video games, audiovisual productions, advertisements, commercial spaces, radios, films, websites, etc.

He/she has both technical and creative skills to work on projects that he/she manages independently or as part of a production team with other sound professionals (composer, sound effects creator, musician, mixer, editor, sound engineer, etc.).

He/she receives a specification provided by the customer, which he/she then translates into sound production. He/she adapts the proposals according to the sound space, the broadcasting methods, the desired musical identity and the specificities of your project.

The sound designer does not always produce all the sounds he/she uses. He/she may also use databases to save time on sound design, for example by using prefabricated noise effects or samples (already existing pieces of music).

Who are the Sound designer registered on
31 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Sound designer.
Junior €226
Intermediary €314
Confirmed €296

What skills does a Sound designer need to master?

The freelance sound designer combines technical skills with artistic flair. He/she has full control of the tools and software used for musical composition, sound recording, post-production, audio mastering and mixing, sound effects, etc.

He/she works efficiently on the mixing tables available in recording studios. He/she adapts easily to the acoustics for sound recording.

His/her broad musical culture enables him/her to propose varied musical ambiances adapted to your needs. The freelance sound designer is above all a creative artist who works with passion.

In which project is a Sound designer involved?

The sound designer is involved in the creation of original music, soundscapes or ambiances that will be used in various projects. 

He/she can record voice-overs, musical instruments, sound effects, singing, etc. for his/her sound creations. He/she may be required to work with you on cultural projects, the creation of a video game, the music and sound effects for an advertisement or any other productions requiring the creation of sound.

How to choose a Sound designer?

Each freelance sound designer has his/her own sound and music universe. You can review the projects and work of our freelancers on their profile to gain an idea of their personal style. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a profile with experience in a specific field such as video games, advertising or video productions.

His/her work and previous projects must be consistent with your needs, he/she must create the music, sounds and soundscapes that perfectly reflect your project.