Sound engineer

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A freelance sound engineer ensures the quality of the recording and audio mixing of your audiovisual productions, music albums, concerts, web-TV broadcasts, etc.

He/she combines his musical knowledge with full control of digital sound recording and processing technologies. He/she is responsible for the sound recording, wiring and connections of the sound recording tools. From his/her mixing desk, he/she processes and records the sound directly. The sound can be broadcast live or recorded for post-production tasks. He/she works on sound mixing and mastering, background and other sound effects, dubbing, etc.

He/she generally forms part of an audiovisual production team, composed of the sound technician, chief operator, director, performance technician, stage director, etc.

Who are the Sound engineer registered on
40 year of average age
7 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Sound engineer.
Junior €198
Intermediary €277
Confirmed €274

What skills does a Ingénieur son need to master?

Passionate about music, a sound engineer must have a good ear and an extensive knowledge of musical genres, so he/she can process the sound differently depending on the atmospheres he/she wishes to convey.

In recording studios, he/she has total control over the sound equipment and uses the sound system in the recording room to best advantage. He/she is an expert in recording, mixing and audio post-processing software (Protools, Cubase, Sound Forge, etc.). He/she is comfortable with electronic equipment and has a good knowledge of electrical systems.

The freelance sound engineer knows how to reason and is proactive about his/her audio work. He/she has the ability to work independently but is also comfortable in a team situation.

In which project is a Sound engineer involved?

The sound engineer may be involved in an audiovisual project, a promotional film shoot, the management of the sound system at a concert, the sound broadcast of a company event, the sound design of a project or the creation of a clip.

How to choose a Sound engineer?

Freelance sound engineer may specialise in recording live music, which must be broadcast live (live shows, concerts, radio stations, etc.) or sound recording for post-processing (videos, albums, etc.). Select the right expert freelance profile for your particular needs.

A freelance sound engineer is above all a creator. He/she is generally a musician and highly knowledgeable in the music professions. So you can seek his/her recommendations if you want to create a particular atmosphere for your sound. Refer to his/her portfolio to assess his/her technical skills and creative range of sounds.