UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A freelance image consultant usually works for top business executives, directors and department heads. He can help them define their dress style on a daily basis and improve their image capital, prepare for a recorded or live video show, during public events (meetings, speeches to the press, public appearances, etc.).

Who are the Speaker registered on Freelance.com?
38 year of average age
7 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Speaker.
Junior €459
Intermediary €766
Confirmed €738

What skills does a Conférencier need to master?

A freelance speaker is proficient in both verbal and non-verbal language. His rhetoric and discourse allow him to captivate his audience, he varies his intensity of his voice, and uses an elaborate vocabulary adapted to his audience.

He is a good public speaker, a good speaker who copes very well with stress and unexpected events on stage.

He is very organised and meticulous, he designs his presentation beforehand and prepares his answers to any questions the public may ask him. His general education allows him to build on his area of expertise, but also on broader topics.

In which project is a Speaker involved?

A freelance speaker can attend your corporate events, trade fairs for professionals or individuals, digital communications, etc.

Internally, he can motivate your teams, provide them with know-how or personal experience to help them in their professional and personal development. 

Externally, he will convey your company’s image by drawing on a specific or general area of expertise.

How to choose a Speaker?

Your freelance speaker’s presentation and tone must be tailored to your internal or external audience. He must be in tune with your objectives and strategy, and his references, available on his profile page, will help you select the freelancer best suited to your project. 

Speakers may have a pre-defined conference format, so check that this accords with your needs, and work together to tailor the presentation to your audience.