Strategy consultant

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

The freelance strategy consultant advises your company's management on strategic issues to help you develop your competitiveness and efficiency.

His/her project management mission may concern multiple aspects :

  • Improving competitiveness through a business development strategy to increase your market share

  • Internal/external organization efficiency management (creation or improvement of company information systems, creation of information dissemination methodologies)

  • Optimization of the supply chain for commercial companies.

  • Brand positioning/brand awareness

  • Analysis and management of information systems (blockchain)

  • Prevention of risks related to a new organizational structure (reallocation of positions, training plans, etc.)

  • Support in setting up a Social Responsibility project 

  • Etc.

Who are the Strategy consultant registered on
39 year of average age
7 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Strategy consultant.
Junior €489
Intermediary €771
Confirmed €730

What skills does a Consultant en stratégie need to master?

The strategy consultant requires in-depth knowledge on the development of a commercial and management strategy and the creation of effective specifications. 

He/she must understand the context and needs of his or her customer through active listening and strong analytical skills. He/she must also be creative in developing innovative and relevant solutions. 

He/she communicates both orally and in writing and must successfully motivate associates to engage with and accept his/her ideas. His/her business-minded approach also enables him/her to build up an external relationship of trust with customers. If your project has an international dimension, check that he/she speaks the language(s) of your target market(s).

In which project is a Strategy consultant involved?

Your freelance can provide consultancy services by setting up consulting missions that meet your needs :

He/she can work with you on restructuring your organizations, on business development projects, on your company's organizational consulting, or the launch of a product or commercial openings to new markets.

He/she can also support you in your digital conversion, whether it be a site overhaul, the digitisation of your offer, the launch of a webmarketing campaign, support for digital strategy, etc.

How to choose a Strategy consultant?

The Strategy Consultant has specific skills applicable in a particular area. You must select a profile with the appropriate expertise for your needs. Ask for any references from previous consultancy missions.

Define your needs and aims precisely in a specification and check the feasibility of your projects with him/her. His/her interpersonal skills are of vital importance His/her ability to communicate easily with you and your teams is a key factor in selecting the right profile.