System engineer

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

The freelance system engineer is your company’s hardware and software expert.

His/her work focusses on 3 areas:

  • The supervision of your information system - he/she is responsible for the installation and maintenance of your computer equipment and software. He/she identifies solutions to enhance the performance of your system and streamline the exchange and storage of your information on the network and IT facilities. He/she also manages the quality of your network system and IT signal processing to ensure a good connection between your communicating systems. 

  • He/she is also responsible for system security; and implements protocols for the protection and back-up of your information. He/she quickly identifies and resolves IT failures that may occur on your digital systems.

  • He she also provides advice and innovation; together with your development teams, the freelance system engineer advises on the configurations that are most adapted to the different workstations. He/she anticipates the company’s needs and proposes solutions adapted to the technical developments of the various professional roles.

Who are the System engineer registered on
35 year of average age
7 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance System engineer.
Junior €372
Intermediary €581
Confirmed €493

What skills does a Ingénieur système need to master?

The freelance System Engineer has strong technical skills in IT tools. He/she knows how to install them quickly, and provide training to the teams on taking control of the new tools. Thanks to his/her technical expertise he/she will quickly understand your needs and rapidly resolve defects. A freelance System Engineer is passionate about electronics and IT but also very rigorous in his/her approach - because methodical project management is an essential aspect of his/her profession. Due to constant monitoring and keeping abreast of technological developments, he/she has operational capacity on new tools at all times. Fluency in technical English is essential.

In which project is a System engineer involved?

The System Engineer will enable you to work with tools adapted to your professional needs.

Your freelance system engineer works on fulfilling your digital system requirements. This may include updating your computer system hardware, installing new work tools, upgrading your computer software, managing a new IT interface, etc.

How to choose a System engineer?

To make the right choice, you can rely on the previous experience of your freelance. Do not hesitate to seek references from former customers.

Check that they have already worked on technologies equivalent to those you are currently using. His/her working methods must be adapted to the size of your organization (large enterprise, SMEs, start-up, etc.). Discuss their technical skills to define the feasibility of the project and the lead times.