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The role of a freelance French foreign language (FFL) teacher is to teach French orally and in writing to people from non-French speaking foreign countries.

He or she adapts to the various profiles they encounter: current level, professional needs, specific vocabulary, etc. He seeks to help his students find employment by teaching them French.

Depending on your needs, your freelance FFL teacher can work in a working group or with a single person, and provide personalised French language teaching.

Who are the Teacher registered on Freelance.com?
32 year of average age
7 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Teacher.
Junior €183
Intermediary €232
Confirmed €296

What skills does a Formateur en FLE need to master?

This French language specialist obviously has excellent language skills in French. His teaching and learning methods enable him to effectively teach French at all levels. His command of spoken and written French is fundamental to proficiently passing on the rules applicable to the French language.

A freelance FFL teacher must adapt to the various profiles, structures and demands that he may encounter. He must be patient, because learning languages takes time and perseverance.

He must be well versed in French culture and be able to clearly explain specific points of the French language.

In which project is a Teacher involved?

A freelance FFL teacher may work directly within your company to deliver intensive courses in French, or conduct language classes where he will be involved with your professional staff. 

He works on learning French, French refresher classes or improving the language.

How to choose a Teacher?

The freelance FFL teachers you will find on the platform have varying levels of expertise. Select the profile of the person who best suits your needs, who will work on your work groups or respond to more specific needs. Feel free to discuss your learning or development expectations with the freelancer you are interested in to agree the necessary learning objectives and timescales.