Technical director

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

The freelance technical director oversees your company's industrial strategy. He/she is responsible for technical management of the production chain.

His/her role is to ensure that the various stages of manufacturing a product run smoothly and to ensure technical monitoring of methods, quality assurance of products, safety during production and of the working environment and compliance with standards and legislation.

As manager, he/she coordinates the work of the production teams. He/she seeks out technical solutions and facilities that can improve production performance. He/she also contributes to the design of new products by participating in research and development.

Acting as a manager, technician and specialist in team management, he/she possesses the technical expertise needed to ensure efficient production management.

Who are the Technical director registered on
40 year of average age
7 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Technical director.
Junior €603
Intermediary €817
Confirmed €707

What skills does a Directeur technique need to master?

The freelance technical director has technical knowledge specific to your business, so he/she effectively manages the production team. He/she has control over the technical aspects of design, standards and the legislative framework relevant to your products. He/she specialises in mechanical engineering, production software, automated systems, materials, industrial design, etc.

He/she is fluent in technical English to conduct conversations with international suppliers or service providers.

He/she is rigorous and meticulous in his/her production-related initiatives - notably the security of the processes deployed. His/her managerial abilities are essential for supervising production teams and optimizing team work.

In which project is a Technical director involved?

The technical director plays a key role in the supply chain of your company. He/she works to optimize your production chain, processes, organizations, the professional equipment used and the human factor. He/she is particularly involved in the launch of a new product, the reduction of production costs, the optimization of resources and the current production chain, etc.

How to choose a Technical director?

Your freelance has unique expertise stemming from his/her technical training to obtain a Master level qualification from a prestigious institution or his/her previous professional experience. He/she must adapt the management style suiting your production teams.

He/she must be familiar with the production method and technology in your business so he/she quickly adapts to your working environment. His/her references, available on our platform, help you to assess whether your freelance is used to working in small or large organizations and whether he/she specializes in optimising notably certain production chains.