Technical writer

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A freelance technical writer writes editorial content related to technical documentation. This may include a product's user instructions, the drafting of product/service sheets, manufacturing manuals, the layout of the general conditions of sale, FAQs, etc.

He gathers all the technical information he needs, puts it into writing and takes care of the layout (titles, paragraphs, body of text, etc.). He writes and rewords the text in order to provide readers with high-quality text.

He provides accurate content that must be easily understood and not subject to interpretation.

The technical documents to be produced have precise constraints, defined by technical specifications that must be be complied with (number of words, type size, wording, etc.).

Who are the Technical writer registered on
36 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Technical writer.
Junior €156
Intermediary €295
Confirmed €327

What skills does a Rédacteur technique need to master?

The editorial skills of a freelance Technical Writer enable him to use a vocabulary suited to each request. He looks for the semantics that will be appropriate for the project and the target audience. A freelance writer has a thorough understanding of the writing rules.

His ability to summarise helps him to select the most relevant information to incorporate in the technical documents. His vocabulary is extensive, he knows the rules of syntax and has good spelling.

In which project is a Technical writer involved?

A technical writer can support you during the roll-out of a new product, on the creation or modification of product sheets, instructions for use and manufacturing, the creation of a technical FAQs section, the drafting of the T&C of sale, etc.

He will provide the technical editorial content for your marketing strategy that best suits your needs. He can also rewrite and re-read your technical texts to optimise them.

How to choose a Technical writer?

Freelance technical writers may be generalist or specialised in a certain field. Being experienced in your sector of activity enables a freelancer to save time on research for writing. He may also have already worked on a similar case which enables him to work more effectively.

In order to ascertain whether his editorial style is suited to your needs, you can request examples of his previous work or suggest that your freelancer takes a writing test.