The Front End Developer

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A freelance front-end developer creates the web pages of a website based on the web designer's graphic charter. His task is to program the user interface.

He works with UI and UX designers who define the ergonomics and visual identity of the site. He translates their models into computer language.

Complying with the rules of the web so that your site is operational (W3C charter), he ensures a smooth experience suited to distribution media such as computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. (responsive design).

A freelance front-end developer also applies the recommendations of the SEO manager on the natural referencing of the various web pages of the site.

Who are the The Front End Developer registered on
38 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance The Front End Developer.
Junior €317
Intermediary €409
Confirmed €430

What skills does a Développeur Front-End need to master?

A freelance front-end developer is proficient in computer languages (HTML, Javascript, CSS), libraries (React, vuejs, etc.) and/or frameworks (Angular).

A front-end developer’s analytical and summarising skills allow him to adapt to various development projects and environments. He must be exacting and meticulous in his web programming.

A front-end developer usually works in a digital team. He must have good interpersonal skills and be comfortable with working in a team.

In which project is a The Front End Developer involved?

When creating a merchant website or shop window, an application or software, a web developer helps you to create functional and optimised web pages.

He can also assist you with the updating or redesigning of your platforms, restructuring and updating of your content, etc. He also monitors the maintenance and stability of your web interfaces.

How to choose a The Front End Developer?

Your choice of freelancer is essential because his work is directly visible to your customers. You can ask your web designer to help you select your freelancer; the right chemistry between these two professionals will give rise to a dialogue that will foster the implementation of qualitative content.

A freelance front-end developer is your trusted partner and you will work with him over the long term (updating the interface, management of interface problems, etc.). Chat with him and gain a better understanding of his skills, lead times and the feasibility of the development project.