Traffic Manager

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

As a web traffic analyst, a Traffic Manager is responsible for analysing a website’s audience and optimising its visibility at the best price.

Freelance Traffic Managers are responsible for managing the referencing and use of your website at the best price. They are responsible for the web traffic acquisition and optimisation strategy, its positioning as well as the implementation of campaign, account and partnership management to increase visibility and generate qualified traffic. Traffic Managers are also specialists in technology intelligence, data analysis and consumer behaviour and can decide on the best strategies to adopt to ensure profitability and the company's return on investment (ROI).

Who are the Traffic Manager registered on
31 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Traffic Manager.
Junior €223
Intermediary €391
Confirmed €345

What skills does a Traffic manager need to master?

A Traffic Manager is responsible for determining the budgets necessary for good visibility on the internet. He must control the various traffic acquisition levers and channels such as social networks, online advertising, sponsored links, banners, membership platforms, price comparison websites, natural and paid referencing, Google AdWords, etc.

On a daily basis, a Traffic Manager performs a statistical analysis of dashboards indicating queries and keywords on search engines (Google analytics), the number of pages viewed, conversion and affiliation rates, the customer portfolio. He also performs retargeting actions and technology intelligence in order to adapt to changes in target customer behaviour.

In which project is a Traffic Manager involved?

A freelance Traffic Manager is involved throughout the commercial development of a company. He will analyse the website traffic and its audience, participate in the choice of communication media, manage the referencing budget and advertising campaigns, and recommend the necessary adjustments depending on changes in behaviour.

How to choose a Traffic Manager?

It is essential to choose a good Traffic Manager. In effect, you entrust him with the management of your digital marketing budget, which requires great rigour on his part. Furthermore, a Traffic Manager is required to work with a certain number of other employees (developers, web marketers, referencers, community managers, marketing managers, etc.). A good team spirit is a real plus.

A Traffic Manager's interpersonal and commercial skills are therefore human qualities (or soft skills) which are just as important as his technical knowledge.