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A freelance Trainer is responsible for upskilling the people he trains. To this end, he will provide training - usually certified - as well as advisory and advanced training services. He works with employees or job seekers with the aim of providing new apprenticeships, updating know-how and improving team motivation. These actions are carried out in the form of webinars, seminars, internships, individual and/or group training.

In practice, a Trainer, often following a pedagogical assessment, defines the pedagogical content and the development of a training module. He is responsible for complying with the training programme while following the safety rules for both his pupils and equipment. 

To maintain his status as an expert in his field of activity, a Trainer must constantly monitor educational and technical tools. At the end of the assignment, he analyses the results in order to draw conclusions and learn from them.

Who are the Trainer registered on
38 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Trainer.
Junior €420
Intermediary €578
Confirmed €559

What skills does a Formateur need to master?

A freelance Trainer is a teacher with great communication and listening skills who has a real knowledge of education. He is au fait with all teaching techniques such as digital learning. A true expert in the field in which he works, he can motivate a group be an active and positive teacher.

A consultant external to the company, he is autonomous and has a perfect command of office software. A Trainer guarantees the safety of his pupils and generally has a first aid certificate.

In which project is a Trainer involved?

You can employ a Trainer when you want to develop the know-how of your teams, increase motivation and improve the performance of your employees. 

A Trainer may also be involved in the training of other trainers (teacher-educator, teacher training, etc.)

How to choose a Trainer?

To choose the right freelance Trainer for your project, it is essential that he is an expert in the field in which you are encountering problems. It is important to find out about his skills and any qualifications he may have. Moreover, soft skills (life-skills) are just as important as technical skills.