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Translating written texts from one language to another is the main task of a Translator. Forget dictionaries and discover the qualities of this professional!

Who are the Translator registered on
32 year of average age
8 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Translator.
Intermediary €237

What skills does a Traducteur need to master?

A bilingual or multilingual Translator transposes a written text from a foreign language into his mother tongue, conveying the subtleties of the original text. A Translator is a good writer who knows how to reproduce the message and style of the source language. This professional is also au fait with translation tools.

Some translators specialise in technical fields (medical, legal, mechanical, economics, law, etc.), as each universe is unique and requires specific skills for a better understanding and translation of texts.

There are also translators who are specialised in sign language.

In which project is a Translator involved?

Translators can translate all types of print documents (product sheets, flyers, catalogues, etc.) or web documents (websites, newsletters, etc.) in all languages such as English, German, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, etc.

A Translator can also work in the audiovisual sector (subtitling and film dubbing).

Finally, he can act as an interpreter at conferences, hearings and meetings.

How to choose a Translator?

It is best to contact a Translator with excellent knowledge of your sector or who has been trained in a similar field. It is important to establish a dialogue with your Translator to give him an idea of the subject matter or to ascertain his level of knowledge. 

A very good general education, curiosity and ability to adapt are the qualities required of a Translator.

A freelance Translator must also master language translation tools (TAO) such as Trados Workbench, DéjàVuX, SDLX, Star Transit, MultiTrans, Similis, MetaTexis… which enable him to manage translation memories.