Travel Planner

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

The freelance travel planner (or freelance travel manager) plans and organizes business trips or seminars on behalf of your company.

Specialised in the tourism industry, he/she organizes business travel and designs made-to-measure trips tailored to your needs. From the reservation of plane tickets, the selection of excursions, the choice of hotels, activities, etc. he/she defines all the specificities of the trip that he/she then compiles as a document, taking into account your budget and the profile of your company's employees.

Who are the Travel Planner registered on
30 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Travel Planner.
Junior €163
Intermediary €248
Confirmed €246

What skills does a Travel planner need to master?

The freelance travel planner constantly monitors the tourism business, and knows of all the best deals and offers reserved for professionals. He/she is above all a salesperson with significant negotiating power, which guarantees he/she gets the best rates.

He/she has excellent interpersonal skills that enable him/her to work effectively with tourism professionals (airlines, hotels, cruise ships, restaurants, tour guides, etc.). 

He/she is an expert in independent project management, controlling travel schedules and thanks to his/her adaptability, he/she can react quickly to unexpected events. He/she speaks and reads English fluently as bookings and travel are often made on an international scale.

In which project is a Travel Planner involved?

The freelance travel planner designs the tailor-made trips you need for your business travel and conferences. He/she defines the tourist circuits and manages all reservations.

Your travel plan may be for a business trip, a need to consolidate your team (team building activities), induction weekends, corporate seminars, etc.

How to choose a Travel Planner?

Your freelance travel planner may specialise in specific countries or be more of a generalist. His/her references allow you to assess whether he/she usually works for large groups or small entities. You should identify the freelance who can offer trips that best fit in with your work team.