UI Designer

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A UI designer is responsible for the design of a web interface (website or mobile application) to guarantee clarity of browsing, optimization of user pathways and content quality. His/her goal is to ensure users quickly find what they are looking for on the website, to trigger a purchase on an e-commerce site, for example, or a contact on a showcase site.

A UI designer creates a functional design that enables users to find what they are looking for on the website and then take the appropriate action.

He/she designs and improves the user interface by increasing user interaction with the website interface. Every day, he/she works on each graphic component of an interface (size, colour, font, icon, etc.), the graphic structuring of pages, the information architecture, browsing and interactions with the interface.

Finally, he/she ensures content quality and notably, that the graphic and text components meet the technical standards and brand identity principles, in particular via a print and/or web graphics charter and is responsible for the production of visual modelling.

Who are the UI Designer registered on Freelance.com?
34 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance UI Designer.
Junior €227

What skills does a UI Designer need to master?

A freelance UI designer must have total control over the use of webdesign (Adobe xD suite, Sketch, Photoshop) and modelling software. He/she is requested excellent knowledge of HTML and CSS techniques, as well as how to deploy a responsive design interface. Knowledge of wireframing, interface scripting and web modelling are also needed. 

In addition to creative talent, he/she must demonstrate high imaginative potential and the ability to forecast website aesthetic trends through day-to-day technology monitoring.

A good communicator, he/she will adapt effortlessly to the needs of the specific target audience (customers and their users) with the ability to convey his/her ideas clearly.

In which project is a UI Designer involved?

The UI designer is involved at project startup to create or redesign a website, a mobile application or for any other device: tablet, smart TV, etc.

During a project, the UI designer liaises between all the other professionals working in the company: The prototype UX designer, the web designer, and the developer.

How to choose a UI Designer?

As for all creative professionals, you are strongly advised to take a close look at his/her previous creative works so you can judge for yourself whether they reflect the style you want and whether he/she has demonstrated the ability to adapt to the demands of previous customers and their graphics charters.

The UI (User Interface) designer’s listening skills, team spirit and ability to adapt are equally important as his/her technical skills for the success of your project.