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The freelance video maker is a creative artist whose daily work consists of making unforgettable films for businesses and individuals. A true orchestra conductor, he/she is responsible for audiovisual production through the choice of shots, music, post-production and the distribution strategy for the films he/she creates.

The freelance video maker sells his/her work to customers seeking out his/her expertise. He/she may specialise in multiple types of video clips: corporate film, advertisement, event coverage, reporting,web tv, aerial or underwater shots.

Generally self-employed, the freelance video maker completes his/her projects alone. However, he/she may be required to work with a video editor, a director of photography, a photographer, a film maker, an editor and/or a camera operator.

Who are the Video-maker registered on
37 year of average age
8 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Video-maker.
Junior €263
Intermediary €377
Confirmed €362

What skills does a Vidéaste need to master?

Creative and with an excellent understanding of the film industry, the freelance video maker is a specialist in showcasing the scenes composing your project. Used to working with many other people and service providers when filming, he/she is well-organised with excellent interpersonal skills. The freelance video maker is an expert in the techniques required to use a film or stills camera.

He/she is familiar with the different types of shot and adapting them to the subject of the film.

He/she is also totally familiar with post-production Adobe Premiere and Final Cut software for dynamic video editing and making the necessary retouching to images shot during filming.

If you want to broadcast content on the web (Youtube channel, blog, social networks), he/she manages and compresses videos for optimal results.

In which project is a Video-maker involved?

The freelance video maker will support you during your product launches by producing advertisements. He/she can also promote the development of your brand and/or your employer image by producing a film presenting your infrastructure and your teams.

He/she will prove a key player in your digital communication by producing video clips for broadcasting on various platforms (Youtube, social networks, etc.)

How to choose a Video-maker?

A profession that is a true passion, so it is vital that your freelance video maker is equally passionate about your project. Take a look at his/her work to observe the type of deliverable that he/she is accustomed to providing.

As with any creative profession, his/her personality must be compatible with your expectations, so don’t hesitate to talk to him/her and make sure you will have a comfortable working relationship.