Web editor

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A real Swiss knife for the internet, a Web Content Writer is a specialist in digital communication. He is responsible for the production and management of text content for websites.

A Web Content Writer is the professional responsible for creating written content that will be published on the internet. He produces professional content for blogs, online newspapers and e-commerce websites. His work consists of writing quality content for the web, based on subjects requested by his customers, using their semantic field.

A Web Content Writer performs searches from various sources (customers, the internet, books, newspapers, etc.) and ensures the consistency and reliability of the information used. This information is rewritten to avoid plagiarism when drafting the content of the texts. All web content must be unique. A Web Content Writer writes clear, fluent and optimised texts for natural referencing (SEO) by integrating key words that will help articles to be referenced.

The Web Content Writer works alone or in a team (photographers, graphic designers, developers, etc.).

Who are the Web editor registered on Freelance.com?
41 year of average age
5 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Web editor.
Junior €198
Intermediary €283
Confirmed €285

What skills does a Rédacteur web need to master?

A Web Content Writer has a perfect command of the language in which he creates the web content. Spelling and syntax are not a mystery to him. He is able to create unique content after accepting a brief (theme, number of words and paragraphs, editorial style, keywords, semantic field, etc.).

On the technical side, a Web Content Writer masters the basics of HTML language and editorial content management tools such as Wordpress or Drupal. He knows the subtleties of the web environment and search engines and knows - thanks to his SEO and natural referencing skills - how to improve the positioning of a web page in search results.

Versatile, curious, rigorous and creative, a Web Content Writer is well educated and has the ability to summarise. His objective: to inform internet users using text that is pleasant to read while meeting the requirements of search engines.

In which project is a Web editor involved?

A Web Content Writer can be involved in writing content when creating or redesigning a website (articles, product sheets, practical information, etc.). He may be involved in the development of the editorial strategy that defines the issues, target or the method of content distribution. He can also develop social networks by following an editorial line. Many companies regularly call on Web Content Writers to enrich their blogs, bring relevant content to their community and thus improve the referencing of their website. Finally, a Web Content Writer may be asked to proofread and correct.

How to choose a Web editor?

Choosing the right Web Content Writer is important: the quality of the content and the visibility of your website depend on his skills. Baccalaureat level - ideally a baccalaureate + 3 - is often required as a minimum but experience is also essential. 

Do not hesitate to look up articles written by Web Content Writers to familiarise yourself with their writing quality, rates and references. You are also recommended to ask them to write a test article to confirm that their style is suited to you.