Web Editorial manager

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A freelance Web Editorial Manager guarantees the quality of all editorial content on the web. He works on several platforms (websites, social networks, newsletters, digital press, etc.) for which he defines the general editorial line to be adopted.

In agreement with management, the web editorial manager defines the editorial policy to be adopted.

He checks the production of content and is responsible for editorial follow-up (monitoring calendars, proofreading, checking the distribution of information on the media, observing the effects and adapting the content, etc.).

Who are the Web Editorial manager registered on Freelance.com?
34 year of average age
7 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Web Editorial manager.
Junior €215
Intermediary €422
Confirmed €411

What skills does a Responsable éditorial web need to master?

A freelance Web Editorial Manager has solid knowledge of web marketing and digital communication, which he uses to develop a coherent editorial programme. He defines the relevant editorial sections that should be used to meet the needs of the customer.

He is proficient in technical writing and analysis tools such as Google Analytics which he uses to optimise the natural referencing (SEO) of your content. With layout and graphic design software (Indesign, Photoshop), a freelance Web Editorial Manager produces the layout, integrates texts and processes images.

His general education and natural curiosity enable him to produce varied content suited to a wide audience.

His management skills enable him to effectively manage the team in charge of web content (referencing company, chief editor, web project manager, Community Manager).

In which project is a Web Editorial manager involved?

A freelance Web Editorial Manager may be involved in creating content on your merchant website or for your shop window. He can manage the editorial line to be applied to your social networks, newsletters, email campaigns, your blog, your mobile application, etc.

How to choose a Web Editorial manager?

Each candidate has his own way of creating content. Look at previous work to find the freelancer who best suits your project.

A freelance editorial manager must adapt the content he produces to your business sector and your audience. He must discuss the project objectives and expectations with you.