Webmarketing consultant

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

Web marketing is the set of marketing strategies applied to the web that seek to increase your company's traffic and visibility on the internet.

A freelance web marketing consultant (or web marketer) works on the number of users of your web content. He is an expert in digital marketing and online sales techniques. He improves your e-reputation and your branding (brand image). He designs the marketing strategy which includes the creation of concepts, their implementation for the optimisation of your content as well as audience metrics (with Google Analytics) before and after the project launch.

This web professional supports you in the natural referencing (SEO) and payment (SEA with Google Adwords) of your online content, using marketing content.

He works in collaboration with other web professionals (Web Developer, Web Designer, Community manager, Graphic Designer, Traffic Manager, Web Editor, SEO Expert, etc.).

Who are the Webmarketing consultant registered on Freelance.com?
41 year of average age
7 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Webmarketing consultant.
Junior €261
Intermediary €502
Confirmed €466

What skills does a Consultant webmarketing need to master?

A true Swiss Army knife, a freelance web marketing consultant is very versatile in his tasks and skills. He is proficient in creating marketing projects, has editorial skills and real expertise in CRM (customer relationship management). He also has knowledge of digital intelligence, a developed sense of aesthetics and knowledge of direct marketing.

Within a team of web professionals, he must also display significant leadership, good interpersonal skills and an ability to express his ideas clearly.

In which project is a Webmarketing consultant involved?

Your freelancer is an important part of the development of your web marketing strategy. He may thus be involved in creating an internet site and its content, setting up of blogs, defining the editorial line of your social networks (Social media content), creating your e-mailing campaigns, the Inbound marketing strategy (SEO optimisation) as well as pay referencing (SEA), and increasing the turnover of your merchant site, etc.

How to choose a Webmarketing consultant?

A freelance web marketing consultant must understand your company's overall strategy. He needs to be aware of your brand universe, adhere to your company ethos in order to be successful.

Working closely with management, he has big responsibilities and must therefore be chosen with care. His soft-skills are very important, and he must be project manager, advisor and performer all at the same time.

Define your web marketing objectives with him and ask him to specify how long they will take to get your project off to a smooth start.