UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A webmaster (or website administrator) is responsible for creating and managing your company’s internet and/or intranet site, taking into account the technical and editorial constraints applicable to the digital world.

In particular, he is responsible for the creation of the site's architecture, its ergonomics, content management and animation of the platform. He is also in charge of maintenance (relations with the site host, technical problems, etc.).

He works in collaboration with teams affiliated with digital communication (Web Designer, Site Administrator, Infographic Designer, Integrator, Developer, etc.).

Who are the Webmaster registered on Freelance.com?
42 year of average age
9 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Webmaster.
Junior €294
Intermediary €334
Confirmed €324

What skills does a Webmaster need to master?

A freelance Webmaster is proficient in computer languages (HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Java, etc.), referencing tools (Google Analytics, Google Adwords) and graphics (ADOBE Suite software).

He has a solid knowledge of web marketing to animate the site and improve the visibility of its content. His great versatility in terms of web professions allows him to clearly define his needs to the digital team.

A freelance Website Administrator acts as a relay between several departments in order to make up the sections of the website. He must have significant managerial skills in order to coordinate the work teams. Your freelance webmaster needs to demonstrate interpersonal skills and appreciate teamwork. Thoroughness and organisational skills help him to prioritise and scope his tasks effectively.

In which project is a Webmaster involved?

A Webmaster is involved in the creation of a website. Whether you are building a new site or updating an existing one, he helps you to make a success of your web project.  

How your freelance webmaster is recruited depends on the nature of your needs. He can be in charge of managing the website on his own or be part of a larger digital team.

Your website administrator supports you throughout your long-term projects. He maintains and updates your web platform thereby allowing you to be highly visible on this medium.

How to choose a Webmaster?

Each freelance webmaster has unique skills derived from their training, personal experience and affinity with digital tools. You can jointly define your website project, your expectations and needs. 

Choose the webmaster that best suits your needs. His affinity with your area of activity will foster the development of an effective strategy. Incorporating your values allows him to come up with better results.

For working with your employees, opt for a freelancer who will get on with your digital team. His leadership and project management skills are indicators that can guide you when selecting your webmaster.